Formerly married to the King of Malaysia and divorced while pregnant, this beauty queen’s fate has changed drastically – archyde

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Can’t believe it, it’s been three years Oksana Wojewodina managed to get through the bitterness of life after the divorce King of Malaysia, Mohammed V.

It is known that Oksana Voevodina was married to King of Malaysia from Kelantan, Muhammad V. in June 2018.

But unfortunately only six are not married Oksana Wojewodina actually divorced Muhammad V.

Your pain in divorce from King of Malaysia that, Oksana Wojewodina in a pregnant state.

Until the child is born Oksana Wojewodina admitted that his son was not recognized by the royal family.

Even Muhammad V seemed indifferent to fate Oksana Wojewodina and his son named Tengku Ismail Leon Ibni Petra Sultan Muhammad V. Faris.

Now three years have passed, Oksana and her son Leon have carried on their lives.

His son is now 2.5 years old.

Oksana admitted that it wasn’t easy for her to get through these difficult times.

Even Oksana and her child are ready to move from place to place for a living.

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