COVID: Mexico City, with a downward trend in infections

Mexico City shows a downward trend in cases of COVID-19 despite the threat of the omicron variant, said Eduardo Clark, general director of Digital Government of the metropolis.

“We are still in low numbers,” Clark said at a press conference.

Although the downward trend is “very slight”, he indicated that the improvements that were registered in recent weeks have not been seen, largely because the pandemic has stabilized in the entity.

Clark explained that in the metropolitan area there was a small decrease of 19 hospitalized, coupled with a reduction in CDMX of 23 people.

“Hospital admissions continue at historic lows. Although it is not such a clear slope, it maintains a decline of about four weeks,” he said.

They report an increase in positivity

However, he clarified that in the case of positivity, a slight rebound has been seen, going from 2.1% in the previous week to 2.5% in the last 7 days.

The CDMX Secretary of Health, Olivia López Arellano, acknowledged that the delta variant of COVID-19 is the one that prevails and specified that so far it has only been detected an omicron case, confirmed last week in a person from South Africa.

While there is another case in the metropolitan area and he reiterated that tests and monitoring are still being applied to detect this variant that has spread rapidly in other countries.

Likewise, he urged citizens to continue taking care of themselves and to comply with health measures to avoid a rebound.

Regarding vaccination, officials highlighted that 30% of older adults have received a dose of reinforcement and they hope to close next week with at least half of the inhabitants over 60 vaccinated with a third dose.

Mexico has so far just over 3.9 million coronavirus infections and 297,356 deaths.

In addition, of its 126 million inhabitants, 87% already have at least one dose of the anticovid vaccine and 66.58 million already have their complete scheme of two applications.



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