Carrie Bradshaw’s New York apartment shows up in Sydney to celebrate And Just Like That

A replica of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic NYC apartment has surfaced in Sydney. Did you discover it

In honor of the show’s revival, a replica of Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City apartment building has appeared in Sydney, And Just Like That.

The show premiered last week and has been with a shocking first episode Binge drinkingThe most watched premiere since the streamer first launched in Australia in May last year.

To celebrate, the streaming platform has set up the fashionista’s iconic staircase in Pitt Street Mall and invites fans to visit the website and snap photos.

Warning spoilers for And Just Like That ahead:

The staircase appearance also coincides directly with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), who returns to her humble apartment on Thursday night’s third episode AJLT, after living with Mr Big (Chris Noth) in their glamorous penthouse in Manhattan for years.

However, you have to be quick to take a look. The stoop will be AEDT there until 7 p.m. this Sunday.

And to really explain it to Carrie, as part of the activation process, Binge launched a contest that gives people the chance to win a $ 5,000 David Jones gift certificate that they can use for their own designer A collection of shoes that Ms. Bradshaw would be proud of herself.

All you have to do is take a glamorous snapshot of the stairs and upload it to Instagram by tagging the streamer’s Instagram page, @binge, and adding the hashtag #Carriesstoop.

For those who do not live in Sydney, you have the option to win the cash too. Just take a pose on your own stairs with the same hashtag.

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Alison Hurbert-Burns, executive director of Binge, said she was excited to give Sex and the City Fans “have their very own part of one of the most popular shows in the world”.

“How many fans did I watch the original show before the new series – And Just Like That …

“The series has already established itself as Australia’s newest television obsession and we’re excited to offer fans new and old a taste of this incredible series by coming to Pitt St Mall and snapping a picture of Carrie’s famous staircase. ”

Here are the details:

Where: Pitt St Mall, Sydney between Myer and Zara

When: Friday December 17th (12pm – 8pm), Saturday December 18th (11am – 7pm) and Sunday December 19th (11am – 7pm)

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