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In the summer, under the fire of the Tunisian rays on the island of Djerba, they shot their show here every two months, now they spit poison. First Jiří Krampol rozzobil na Zuzana Bubílkovábecause he ended up in the hospital because of her, whereupon Bubílková Krampol called a bastard who yelled at her. And as soon as Jiří gets up from the sickbed, it gets even more peppery.

Kramol in the intensive care unit and the harsh judgment of the doctors! And stardance changed last night

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“You know I wouldn’t yell at a woman. She had hysterical fits. “ an entertainer and a former stuntman dropped the divine eXtra.cz and added, “She imagined that there would be a director who would inspire me. For example, she was having a hysterical attack, so she started yelling at me that I was beating everything and that she wasn’t going to be robbed, that she was the one making it up. I could only tell her one thing: ‘Go to hell, Bubílková.’ That’s what she said about Miloslav imkov also that it is behind everything. At the same time it was nonsense, ”Krampol shakes his head.

Mirai and Covid danced, what about stardance and krampol again in the hospital!

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