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BTS’s Jungkook Uses Instagram Account to Promote Underrated Artist Justin Park

BTS singer Jungkook recently advertised an underrated artist on his newly launched solo Instagram account.

The individual Instagram debut of the members of the septet is making waves as they gain huge numbers of followers in a matter of hours.

Shortly after they got their solo grips Butter Hit-makers began treating the ARMY group’s official fandom with their unseen pics.

However, the youngest of seven took on the task of supporting other musicians.

To his IG story on December 16, the euphoria Singer uploaded a photo and announced that he is listing the song On the lower one; on the lower by Justin Park.

The 24-year-old singer also wrote: “The song is so good …”. (Translated into English).

When the fans came across the story of the beloved idol, they couldn’t stop but promoting the track. Within hours of the singer’s story, the song went viral on the Korean music streaming platform. Melon.

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