Aside from being sweet and fresh, here are 4 benefits of guava water for body health

Water guava is one of the fruits that is high in vitamin C and vitamin A. This fruit is easy to find in traditional markets at very affordable prices. Water guava plants are also easy to care for and usually grow in the home garden.

There are two types of water guava in Indonesia alone, namely semarang or guavenguave Syzgium samarangense and a little guava or Syzgium as well as joining the guava tribe or family Myrtaceae. International circles even know guava with the term Rose apple or Water apple.

In addition to being refreshing, water guava is also high in nutrients. In addition, this fruit, which is identical to the red color, also has different contents such as protein, calories, fat, calcium, sugar and carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin C, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin B1, sodium, zinc, and thiamine. . Summarize Sehatq and Halloshut, Here are some of the benefits of guava that are good for your body’s health.

1. Lower bad cholesterol levels

High levels of bad cholesterol or LDL (Low density lipoprotein) in the bloodstream can form clots of fat and increase the risk of heart disease. In addition, complications from cardiovascular problems in the body can also increase the risk of stroke and coronary artery disease.

While guava water actually contains fiber and other nutrients that can help control bad cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, the levels of vitamin B3 in water guavas can also help increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels, which can help lower bad cholesterol in the bloodstream.

2. Protects the skin

The presence of phenolic compounds and myricetin content in water guava has been proven in the laboratory to protect the caratinocytes of the skin from direct UVB radiation. In addition, water guava is safe to consume for those of you on a diet program too, so it can still be used as a menu each day.

3. Cure diarrhea

Who would have thought that a fruit that looks like a bell could actually cure dysentery and diarrhea. In addition, water guava is also a diuretic or can remove excess salt and water from the body when you urinate.

4. Maintain the stamina of the body

The rich vitamin C content can fight off free radicals and at the same time increase the body’s resistance. In addition, the content of flavonoids and vitamin C is able to prevent various types of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

Vitamin C in water guava also plays a role in increasing the production of white blood cells and helping to optimize their function in the body. This is very useful for overcoming the effects of oxidative damage, preventing various diseases, and improving the performance of cells in the body.

These are some of the guava fruit benefits that are seldom realized. Although not very popular, water guava can also be made into jam, jelly, or candy.


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