Weather in Ireland: Met Eireann releases an update of the Christmas forecast as a system is set to “dominate” – archyde

Ireland expects better weather than usual this Christmas thanks to the dominance of some sort of system.

Met Eireann predicts high pressure for the week of Christmas, which means some unusually calm days are at stake.

The week ahead is expected to be milder and drier than normal, with little to no chance of a white Christmas this year.

Until then, Thursday will be mostly dry and cloudy with a few sunny breaks.

There will be some patches of fog or drizzle, mainly on hills and coasts, with patches of fog for the start of the day and maximum temperatures of 8-10 ° C.

The weather is expected to stabilize unusually in the next few days.
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A forecaster said: “On Thursday night dry and cloudy. Lowest temperatures of 5 to 7 ° C with a light or moderate southeast breeze, sometimes fresh on the southwest coast. It gets colder in the interior of Münster, where the sky is clear for a while. Temperatures will be higher on the south coasts.

“Tomorrow, Friday, a cloudy, dry day with some lighter intervals. A little colder than the days before with maximum temperatures of 7 to 9 ° C.

“On Friday night it will be mostly cloudy with clear phases in the north of the country. A cold night with the sky clear with a touch of frost. Lowest temperatures between plus 1 and plus 3 ° C in general, around 5 or 6 ° C in Münster and Leinster in the south, weak to moderate southeast wind.

“Saturday, Sunday, and Monday will all be similar days, fairly cloudy with the occasional fog, drizzle, and fog on hills and mountains. Light easterly wind with temperatures between 7 and 9 ° C during the day and between 5 and 7 ° C at night.

“Early signs suggest that high pressure will remain the dominant feature in the first few days of Christmas week, with plenty of dry and calm weather expected.

“From Monday evening it will be a little colder, with night frosts developing over the course of the week.”


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