Vietnam coach notes that the Indonesian national team is not worth qualifying for the 2020 AFF Cup semi-finals, another view from the captain: Okezone Bola – After the world

CAPTAIN The Vietnamese national team (Timnas), Que Ngoc Hai, appreciates the fight Indonesian national team which they were able to hold 0-0 on the third day of Group B AFF Cup 2020, Wednesday December 15, 2021 evening WIB. He assessed that the Indonesian national team had worked particularly hard to reach this crucial point.

In this game, Vietnam created many dangerous opportunities throughout the game. However, the solid defense of the Indonesian national team made it difficult for Vietnam to attempt shots on goal.

In fact, The Golden Star – Vietnam’s nickname – was only able to deliver one kick on target out of 21 attempts. After the game, Que Ngoc Hai admitted that Indonesia’s game has developed rapidly compared to the last encounter in the 2022 World Cup qualifying in the Asian zone.

At that time, Indonesia lost from the two encounters 1-3 and 0-4. According to him, the Indonesian national team understood how Vietnam plays. In fact, he admitted today that he had used all of the skills and tactics of coach Park Hang-seo.

“Indonesia went through a lot of games against Vietnam, from the U-23s to the World Cup qualifiers. So you understood how we played. After that defeat, they learned a lot and played harder and harder, ”said Que Ngoc Hai. Quote from The Thao Page.

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“It was a very difficult game and the result wasn’t what you expected, but the whole team worked hard. We did a good job with the tactics of the coaching staff, ”continued the player who became a spontaneous goalkeeper in the 2016 AFF Cup semi-final second leg against the Indonesian national team.

Even so, Que Ngoc Hai did not regret his comrades’ game. He is now also focused on the final game, which will be played against Cambodia on December 19, 2021. The Vietnamese national team only needs one draw to qualify for the 2020 AFF Cup semi-finals.

“We played with 100% passion and ability, but we didn’t get the three points. Today’s result does not affect the team’s chances of reaching the semi-finals. The whole team will try to play well and beat Cambodia to win tickets to the next round, ”said Que Ngoc Hai.

It’s just the compliment from Que Ngoc Hai Indonesian national team above, does not correspond to the view from Park Hang-seo. The South Korean coach criticized the Indonesian national team for playing defensively, saying the Garuda side didn’t deserve to qualify for the semifinals AFF Cup 2020.

“Actually, Malaysia and Indonesia didn’t deserve to qualify for the semi-finals,” said Park Hang-seo after the game.

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