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Typetec will be the first Irish IT service provider to introduce a four-day week for all of its employees from the beginning of February next year.

The provider of IT and cyber security solutions will use the “100-80-100 model”, in which all employees receive 100% of their salary for 80% of their working hours and at the same time achieve 100% productivity for the company.

As one of the first members of the Four Day Week Ireland program, it will initially be introduced as a 6-month trial version and should remain permanent for all employees after successful completion of the test phase.

The company has informed its team of the decision to introduce a four-day week. His primary goal is to improve the work-life balance and empowerment for all employees while maintaining the level of productivity, company growth and high-quality customer service.

Typetec will measure the success of its four day work week against several KPIs, including commercial, financial and operational goals. It will also work and share data with independent researchers from UCD and Boston College. The results will be analyzed and shared at the macro level so that more Irish private and public sector organizations can be informed and encouraged to make a similar commitment to their workforce.

Paul Dooley, Typetec CEO, said the company is completely focused on creating and maintaining a great work culture and environment at Typetec.

“Long before the pandemic, we introduced teleworking for all employees, and this has proven very successful as productivity and employee morale have seen a significant boost.

“As a company that specializes in workplace productivity solutions, we have recognized that a four-day week is an obvious next step for us. We held a town hall meeting to keep the staff informed and the reaction has been so positive and there is a noticeable atmosphere of exchange and excitement as we look forward to next year.

“We have empowered and engaged employee-led discussions about how this works best for them while meeting team and individual productivity goals,” said Dooley.

“We have also started to educate our customers and they have taken the news positively and are reassured by our continued focus on delivering levels of service that are well ahead of industry norms.”

Joe O’Connor, Global Pilot Program Manager, 4 Day Week Global said, “The future of work is here. Twenty Irish companies, with the support of 4 Day Week Global, have boldly adopted a productivity-oriented working time model with reduced working hours. ” . ”

He said Typetec is one of those dynamic, innovative and progressive organizations and the program looks forward to working with the company when the roll-out of the six-month coordinated testing phase begins early next year.

Founded in 1982 and headquartered in Dublin, Typetec provides technology consulting and managed IT services based on security, productivity and engagement solutions. The sister company Wriggle Learning is part of the Typetec Group and offers digital learning solutions for the education sector.

The Typetec Group has grown strongly this year and expects annual sales of 31 million in 2021. Typetec also announces that it will be hiring eight new technical, advisory and commercial positions by the end of next year.


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