The Hip Hop Kemp Festival is probably over. The owner has an ongoing coronavirus pandemic and is going bankrupt – archyde

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been suspended for almost two years Culture, which was paid for by the Festivalpark Production company, which is a favorite in Hradec Králové. organized Festival Hip Hop Kemp. For two years she has had to do without an event that attracts more than 20,000 people every year. The company has now asked the court to do so Opening of bankruptcy proceedings with a bankruptcy petition New stream. Hip Hop Kemp so probably ends.

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The designer has withstood stiff competition for many seasons, which is still escalating, for almost twenty years the Hip Hop Kemp Festival in Hradec Králové and other events took place. He paid considerable taxes and employed tens to hundreds of workers during the season. Any deterioration in his position in the music festival market could have liquidated for him, which also happened due to the pandemic.“Said the company’s CEO, Radek Maliník.

The court of its application to open bankruptcy proceedings Fulfills and it is therefore likely that the festival, which was attended by more than 20,000 music fans annually and was once one of the 50 best festivals in the world, It will never happen again.

Due to government measures and the extremely uncertain situation, the petitioner decided not to hold the festivals in the 2020 summer season, as he would be forced to pay advances to performers without any guarantee and to sell tickets in advance for a season that, according to estimates, should even do not take place or only to a limited extent. ,“Added Malinik.

The first year of the festival Hip Hop Kemp took place in Pardubice in 2002 and just a year later it moved to the airport in Hradec Králové, where it shared the country with the legendary Rock for People festival. Thanks to Hip Hop Kemp, Czech fans could enjoy it Concerts from world stars, Jako Jsou Kendrick Lamar, Yelawolf, Odd Future, Mos Def, Sean Price, Mobb Deep, Roots, Rapper Guru z Gang Starr, Redman nebo Machine Gun Kelly.

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