The corpse is cremated, father hugs the urn of Abu Laura Anna tightly: Okezone Celebrity – Nach Welt

JAKARTA – Corpse Laura Anna finally to ashes after 4 hours of cremation. Some of the ashes are then kept in an urn and taken home.

Interestingly, the late father Gabor Edelenyi did not seem ready to part with the ashes. The 73-year-old man from Hungary held the urn with his daughter’s ashes tightly in his hand.

Amelia Edelenyi, mother of the late Laura Anna, announced that part of the ashes of her daughter’s body would be buried at home for 40 days. “Then we just put it in the ash house,” he said on Thursday (December 16, 2021) to the media team from Grand Heaven, Pluit, North Jakarta.

In the meantime, another portion of the ash is due to be dumped into the sea tomorrow (December 17, 2021) in the Ancol area, north Jakarta. “So departure from Grand Heaven to Ancol around 9:00 am WIB,” he said again.

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Amelia Edelenyi also thanked everyone who helped her family with the cremation. Because with the help of family and friends, Laura Anna’s cremation procession could go well and nicely.

Laura Anna took her last breath on December 15, 2021 at 9:22 a.m. WIB at Eka Hospital Cibubur, East Jakarta. The celebrity’s body was cremated on December 16, 2021 at the Grand Heaven Funeral Home in Pluit, north Jakarta. *

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