Take it ’til they give it: Ubisoft continues to give away free games – World wide

As part of the 35th anniversary celebrations, Ubisoft continues to distribute games for free. Until December 22nd You can add a free Rayman Origins game to the Ubisoft Store digital video game store.

The series of now legendary Rayman platformer includes many games. Today we count 5 games in the main series and various side and side games count a total of 16 titles today. Rayman launched the entire series in 1995, which was released on the PC and game consoles PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar. It was a 2D platformer with great graphics, in which you had to go through a total of 70 levels, free the caged Electoony creatures and gradually acquire new skills and abilities, thanks to which you could master more demanding levels. The second and third part of this platformer has already arrived in 3D. The fourth part with the subtitle Origins and the fifth part of Legends have returned to the 2D view.

Rayman Origins is a classic hand-drawn 2D platformer suitable for children ages 7 and up to play with. In the game you incarnate in Rayman and his friends, whose job it is to free the Electoon and the fairies who were kidnapped by an annoying old woman. Rayman and his friends are not Globox and a pair of magical Teensy creatures have to go through a total of 12 worlds and a little over 60 levels to save all of the Electoon and Fairies.

The game received a fairly high rating for meta-criticism from professional reviewers – Metascore 86, and an overall rating of 8.3 from gamers.

You can get Rayman Origins for free with this link.


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