Stefan Aust On the roadside of history –

Stefan Aust is one of the most famous journalists in Germany. His name is linked to the magazine “Beton” as well as to “Spiegel”, the political program “Panorama” or the newspaper “Welt”. Aust, who came from Stade, was often lucky enough to be literally “at the roadside of history” – he was in the right place at the right time. He got to know Rudi Dutschke and Ulrike Meinhof; his work on the RAF resulted in the book “Der Baader-Meinhof-Complex” (1985). Now he presents his autobiography, which above all gives insights into his journalistic work and beyond that into the history of the Federal Republic. The result is a tale full of exciting episodes that takes the listener to many historical places – from the Prague Spring in 1968 to Bikini Atoll.

Rezension: Dr. Heike Talkenberger

Stefan Aust
Time travel
The autobiography
Osterwold in the audio book Hamburg Verlag, Hamburg 2021, 3 mp3 CDs, running time 18 hours 18 minutes, € 29.95

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