Renay Mandel Corren’s obituary shines on Twitter

Obituaries for mothers written by their sons can be some of the warmest public utterances to be found in a daily newspaper. They describe special moments and the characteristics of what makes mom a mom.

One of them got special viral attention on Twitter. It contains many, many details from the 84-year-old’s time. But these details are different. And, spoiler alert, you have to read through to the end for the sweet part.

Andy Corren penned an oversized representation of the life of his mother – Renay Mandel Corren of El Paso, Texas, in an obituary posted on The Fayetteville Observer website Wednesday. Corren from New York writes very colorfully about his mother.

She was well traveled, didn’t need religion and was really good at card games, but only son Andy does justice to this “Rosie”, as his mother was called by friends.


After the obituary was shared on Wednesday evening on Twitter with a simple “This Obit, my God” by crime writer Sarah Weinman, it was liked and retweeted nearly 2,000 times in the first two hours.

The reactions were varied, but not even they could be nearly as entertaining, from the entertainers:

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