Portrait – Nurse Brigitte Penkert Unlimited devotion for “people and leaders” – Wissenschaft.de

Brigitte Penkert spent large parts of the war on the Eastern Front as a nurse. She devoted herself self-sacrificingly to her patients – at the same time she looked down with contempt at supposedly “inferior” people.

Brigitte Penkert was one of the many women of the 1930s and 1940s who identified with the Nazi system’s image of women. As a volunteer nurse, she was looking for personal fulfillment: in the boundless devotion to the care of wounded German soldiers on the Eastern Front, “their boys”, she was able to realize her idea of ​​equality within the framework of the Nazi ideology …

Author: Prof. Dr. Marita Krauss

You can read the full article in THEN 01/2022


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