Old photos of Mayang and Doddy Sudrajat going viral on social media, taken during the little idol auditions? – To world

HUMAN SENSE – Social media is expanded through the spread of a. animates old photo Mayang and the father, Doddy Sudrajat.

Looks like the photo was taken when Mayang took part in the Indonesian talent search for young singers in 2013.

The late Vanessa Angel’s sister was seen in a pink shirt and hat, and Doddy Sudjarat wore a red shirt and glasses while they hugged Mayang.

The photo was uploaded from the Twitter account @reyehan with the following caption:

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Mr. Doddy’s photo is the same Mayang when I joined the little idol in 2013said the account.

The photo then became the target of comments from internet users who appeared to have followed the polemic surrounding the deaths of Vanessa Angel and Bibi Andriansyah on November 4, 2021.

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After the death of Vanessa and aunt, two families, Doddy Sudrajat and Haji Faisal seem at odds over the inheritance and custody of Gala Sky, Vanessa and Bibi’s only son.



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