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Luis Suarez called Manchester United “one of the best” ahead of a tempting Champions League game that one expert believes will lead to a major coaching-style clash.

The second time around, Manchester United were drawn to a fire trial against Diego Simeone’s persistent Atletico Madrid. The first draw had resulted in a delicious showdown between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The meeting with PSG was, however null and void after a series of mistakes caused UEFA to refocus the matches.

Atletico will present completely different challenges to those who would have posed PSG.

Simeone’s squad are known for mastering the dark arts, but they have an immensely talented squad.

Former Liverpool favorite Suarez qualifies for this category and the Uruguayan is delighted with the opportunity to face an old enemy.

Talk to a Spanish outlet HOW (via Football Espana), Suarez insisted that “you have to beat the best” to win in Europe. In his eyes, United matched that.

“I saw the second (tie),” said Suarez. “To win the Champions League, you have to beat the best.

“United is one of the best. We will go into the knockout phase as best as possible. “

BT Sport Expert Owen Hargreaves gave his judgment on the likely winners. In his opinion, there is little that separates the two sides, although he looks forward to a style conflict between the two managers.

Both Simeone and interim man boss Rangnick are known for their high-intensity style. Rangnick, however, prefers his teams to be in the front, while Simeone is happy with Atletico taking the pressure and punishing the opposition with lightning-fast counterattacks.

“Atletico have some world class players,” said Hargreaves (over the metro). “Joao Felix, Luis Suarez, Jan Oblak, who is one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

“It’s a little easier for United” [than PSG]but the point is to flip a coin to see who gets through.

“It’s a huge style conflict between Rangnick and [Diego] Simeon. Atletico play more defensively on the counterattack. ‘

Chelsea’s Jorginho is still the penalty killer, but which players are threatening his reign?

Natural Ronaldo successor rejects “record offer”

Meanwhile, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham are on high alert after Dusan Vlahovic turned down a “record offer” to stay with Fiorentina, according to a report.

The 21-year-old Serb is already one of the hottest traits in European football. Fiorentina’s hopes of keeping Vlahovic in the long term always seemed low. Follow the sun latest update, they don’t seem to be there now.

Fiorentina CEO Joe Barone told the Italian outlet republic (over the sun): “We have offered Vlahovic the highest contract in the history of Fiorentina several times.

“Both Dusan and his agent have made it clear to us that they do not want to accept that. Our offer is still on the table. “

What happens to its current center-forward will be crucial to the interests of any club.

From a United perspective, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a strong force. But at 36, a long-term plan has to be formulated at some point. Besides that, Edinson Cavani appears destined to join Barcelona in the winter window.

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