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Are the moon, Mars and asteroids the raw material suppliers of the future?

Treasure chest space
Text: Jan Berndorff
Many raw materials are running out while our hunger for them grows. Some companies are therefore turning to sources off Earth: the moon, Mars and asteroids contain huge amounts of metals, ores – and water, which spaceships need as fuel. How rich could the prey be in space? And what would the environmental balance be?

Heavenly prospects
Text: Marcus wanzeck
The “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” competition honors exceptionally successful extraterrestrial motifs. Technical progress enables spectacular new insights – on the other hand, it endangers our unobstructed view of space.

The silent death of the gentle giants
Text: Stefan Wagner
For years, Florida’s manatee populations recovered. Conservationists and tourism officials cheered. But now an invisible enemy is driving the manatees to the brink of extinction in record time.

Conservation with fork and knife
Text: Johannes Giesler
Invasive species in Germany have to fear a new predator: humans. The idea of ​​culinary nature conservation is becoming increasingly popular.

Clouds over the solar module
Text: Gerd Pfitzenmaier
Agri-photovoltaics is still in its infancy. However, science sees great potential in solar power generation in fields – for farmers and the climate. But there are also concerns in the brave new solar world.

Fire under the roof
Text: Oliver Rast
Heating with wood promises ecologically generated heat from renewable raw materials and is a good alternative to crude oil or natural gas. But many ovens are poisonous pollutants.

Through the ceiling
Text: Fabian Franke
The price of sawn timber has risen sharply over the past year. Thereby, tree trunks piled up in spruce forests by the wayside. A paradoxical situation that particularly endangered the construction of wooden houses.

End in the field
Text: Sylvia Meise
Even on the way to our final resting place, we leave an ecological footprint. Near-natural burials promise an environmentally friendly farewell under the canopy of leaves.

quiet waters
Text: Rike Uhlenkamp / Photos: Rainer Kwiotek
When winter wraps Lake Constance in its cold cloak, nature shows its most beautiful side. A paradise not only for water birds. People can also get a little closer to heaven – in a hot air balloon.

Fruits with turns
Text: Stephanie Eichler
Who needs grapes anyway? Fruit wines made from apples, quinces and berries offer a great variety and a good opportunity to use fruits from gardens or orchards. Small manufacturers mostly operate regionally and even laypeople can try their hand at fermentation.

Further topics in the January issue:

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Observation tip: Lion courage at the duck pond: Egyptian geese

Letters to nature: More climate protection in traffic, reduce methane emissions, app to save the world, bad grades for food policy, tree of the year

Finds: Ancient footprints, measurable meditation effects, Teflon in the beetle’s knee, cheese from the Ice Age, orangutan cracks nuts, Arapaima in danger, slow regeneration of the rainforest

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