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Hoya Vision Care offers a lens solution for those who are too exposed to digital devices

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The age of digital technology makes everyone inextricably linked to smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets and other digital devices. According to research, they spend an average of 8 to 10 hours a day in front of digital devices.

This can lead to symptoms such as eye strain, eye irritation, blurred vision, and headache. These symptoms can occur even after just two hours of continuous staring at the screen of a digital device. The condition worsens when you switch digital devices, for example from laptops to smartphones. Your eyes will get tired and strained if you never have a chance to relax.

In response to the problems many modern people face in today’s digital age, Hoya Vision Care offers a solution, namely Digital lens Synchronization III. These are individually tailored lenses that are unique and tailored to specific needs. Product lens Hoya Vision Care This can help reduce eye strain from prolonged exposure to light from a digital device screen.

Nihla Azkiya, Marketing Manager at PT HOYA Lens Indonesia, said Hoya is introducing three types of adjustment support measures (Power Boost) to help reduce the symptoms of tired eyes. “Sync III lenses meet all of the criteria Lens good and quality. Like other Hoya Vision Care products, Sync III lenses are surrounded by a tough, scratch-resistant protective coating that extends the life of the lenses. In addition, the durability of the lens coating ensures stable performance, sharp and natural vision all day long, ”explains Nihla.

Nihla also added that, like other Hoya lenses, the Sync III digital lens comes with a Hi-Vision Long Life (HVLL) coating that is five times stronger and more scratch-resistant than standard lens coatings.

A breakthrough in comparison to similar digital lenses, Sync III offers more than one technology and applies custom viewing profiles to better match the lenses to the unique viewing needs of users. With the technology used by Sync III Lenses, various symptoms of eye strain can be reduced by up to 84 percent with the use of Digital Sync III Lenses.

The Digital Sync III lens was launched in Indonesia in November 2021. Hoya Vision Care offers its customers in Indonesia the opportunity to receive a special price for the introductory campaign. Further information on special promotional prices can be found at hoyaexperience.com/Sync3 or directly to the nearest optical HOYA partner.

As a global leader, Hoya always presents a quality product with groundbreaking multi-technology and functions that correspond to the visual profile of a spectacle lens. With the advantages offered by the Sync III lens, this lens has more value compared to conventional single vision lenses.

Caring for this lens is very simple, just like any other lens care product. Moisten the lenses before wiping them with a special glasses cloth or a soft cloth and placing them on the glasses case so that they are not easily scratched or bumped.



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