Hans Sarkowicz / Ulrich Herbert / Michael Krüger / Christiane Collorio (eds.) Contemporary witnesses very close – Wissenschaft.de

To say it right at the beginning: The audio book “Centennial Voices” is a great asset for anyone interested in history. The editors have not only put together over 200 original recordings from the years 1900 to 1945 from the German Broadcasting Archive, but also offer a highly informative historical classification through clever comments. The new possibility of sound recording fit completely into the world of optimism about progress around 1900. One listens with fascination to the voice of the aged Emperor Franz Joseph I, Albert Einstein, Gottfried Benns, Sigmund Freuds or Gertrud Bäumers, until the fanatical inflammatory speeches of the Nazi era got the upper hand to win.

Rezension: Dr. Heike Talkenberger

Hans Sarkowicz / Ulrich Herbert / Michael Krüger / Christiane Collorio (Eds.)
Voices of the century
German history in over 200 original recordings 1900–1945
Hessischer Rundfunk / der Hörverlag, Munich 2021, 3 mp3 CDs with booklet, total running time about 24 hours, € 60.00


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