Endurance rolls over volcanic rocks, what a big surprise! – To world

Astronomers thought it was sediment, but new data brought back to Earth by NASA’s Perseverance rover shows that the rocks that have rolled over it since reaching Mars in February 2020 were formed from volcanic material. Lava may have flowed there in the past and this is completely unexpected news.

It’s been almost a year since the Persistence, the rover’s NASALanded on Mars. You travel through the Jezero crater for almost a year. And researchers using the data you send back to Earth just announced some incredible news. According to them, perseverance will roll out from the start in a country that is out. consists Magmatic.

Even before they even sent their rover there, NASA researchers wondered what the soil would look like in this hole. They wondered if it was made up of more than … Sedimentgestein or igneous rock. The first is the result of an accumulation of mineral particles carried there from an ancient river system. Seconds by curing a Magma from long dormant volcano.

This is thanks to the Pixl tool – for Planetary instrument for X-ray lithochemistry Researchers have finally found the answer. The instrument is used to determine the elemental composition of substances in Surface of mars By X-ray lithochemistry. Use the drill holes at the end of the arm Robot Endurance. This can actually scratch or crush rock surfaces.

Vulcangestein in Lake Crater

A few days ago, a rock nicknamed Brak, caught south of Sitah, revealed its composition: large crystals ofolivina Pyroxe crystals are ingested in unusual amounts. Rock markings formed by crystals deposited in a slowly cooling basin.

The researchers add that the rocks in question have been exposed to repeated storms from the water. This makes it a treasure that will allow future scholars to record what happened in Jezero’s crater and understand the time it was inWater was more abundant on its surface. The beginning of the history of Mars is revealed, identified Ken Farley, a researcher on the team, in a NASA press release. It remains to be clarified whether these olive-rich rocks were formed in a lake Messer Strong cooling on the surface or in a subsequently corroded underground room.

Because Perseverance also aims to obtain samples of Martian rocks – especially to look for traces of life – that are to be returned to Earth from another mission. What each sample should examine more closely.

Exciting preliminary results

Researchers also used a press conference on Wednesday to mention that a machine called the Sherlock – for Swing of habitable environments with Raman and luminescence for organics and chemicals “In the meantime I have collected organic particles, not only from eroded rock, but also from non-eroded rock dust. It is sufficient to depict the spatial distribution of Material The organic matter inside the rock and this organic matter binds to it. metal That’s right there. This helps us understand the environment in which organic matter was formed. Further analysis is needed to determine how these molecules are made. ”, identified Luther Beagle, responsible for Project Sherlock. Hence there is still no certainty about the evidence of life. But it seems that the presence of preserved organic material at least means that potential bio-fingerprints can also be obtained. To learn more, we will have to wait for the samples to return to Earth.

Meanwhile, scientists continue to use the data sent by Rimfax – um Radar image of the Mars underground experiment -, the “radar” from which underground structures appear red planet Its depth reaches 10 meters. You have already shown that an intermediate region was formed before a region The rough bottom of the trench has broken. And they should give you more valuable information about soon geology Marciano.

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