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JABODETABEK MEDIEN – Date December 16, 2021 It falls on Thursday Legi to coincide with the 11th Jumadil Awwal 1443 Hijriyah and the 11th Jumadil Awal 1955 Java.

December 16 commemorates a number of incident What happened in several countries is a look back at the following:

1. ABRI anniversary in Indonesia

academy Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia (Akabri) is a military school founded on December 16, 1965.

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The Akabri is made up of four dimensions, namely the Army Academy (AAD) in Magelang, the Naval Academy (AAL) in Surabaya, the Air Force Academy (AAU) in Yogyakarta and the Police Academy (Akpol) in Semarang.

But since April 1, 1999, the police academy separated from the Akabri.

Since then, Akabri has changed its name to TNI Academy, which consists of three dimensions: AAD, AAL and AAU.

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