Bulls Trade rumors: Chicago seeks wing-back after Patrick Williams injury | Bleacher Report – By World

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly targeting a wing-back before the 2022 NBA trading deadline.

Matt Moore of The Action Network reported that the Bulls buyers are in the market and are looking for options to replace Patrick Williams, who is likely to miss the remainder of the regular season with a wrist injury.

The Bulls got off to a surprising 17:10 start, thanks largely to their strong guard game. DeMar DeRozan and Zach LaVine both averaged over 26 points per game, and Lonzo Ball delivered a steady two-way hand at the point guard spot.

Williams, a 6’7-inch striker with a 7-foot wingspan that allows him to defend four positions on the ground, was named Chicago’s top single-back at the start of the season Rank eight this season without Williams in defensive efficiency, but her adaptability is diminished without someone with his versatility on the ground.

It’s unclear who the Bulls might be targeting as the team is unlikely to want to mess up their chemistry by moving a punch rotation player.

However, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a veteran languishing on a lottery team finds himself in Chicago by February.


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