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It is hoped that with public awareness and awareness of the dangers of dengue disease

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BOGOR – As a form of concern for local residents, AZRA hospital offers advice on Dengue hemorrhagic fever in Posyandu RW 11 Bantarjati, Bogor City. The rise in cases of dengue during the rainy season like this needs to be recalled so that people are aware and vigilant of the dangers of dengue.

It is also hoped that through this counseling, household members will know, willing, and able to practice clean and healthy living and to play an active role in the community health movement. Residents were gathered for advice on DHF after participating in Posyandu activities.

The action, which took place from 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m., was successful, you could see from the great enthusiasm of the residents who came, there were 55 people, so the consultation was divided into two sessions in order to clarify the conditions for the material handover.

The residents paid close attention to any material that was well presented by Ms. Nindya Kurnia Aprinita, SKM on Dengue Fever, and also its prevention.

The aim of this advice is all family members in the household from couples of childbearing age, pregnant or breastfeeding women, children and adolescents, senior citizens, child carers.

In this extension there are very important points, especially the fever phases if a child or a family suffers from dengue fever, there are 3 phases or what we often hear about the horse saddle phase. Phase 1 usually occurs 1-3 days and the patient experiences a fairly high fever (up to 40 degrees).

Phase 2 is a critical phase that usually occurs on days 4-5, patients will experience a drop in fever (up to 37 degrees), and phase 3 occurs on days 6-7. In this 3rd phase the patients will feel a fever again and this phase is called the recovery phase.

We often hear the term 3M in dengue fever prevention, i.e. emptying water reservoirs, sealing all water reservoirs, and recovering and recycling used goods. It turns out that the term dengue prevention is not just 3M, but now 3M Plus. Pluses include preventing mosquito breeding, keeping larval-eating fish, using mosquito repellants, installing wire nets for ventilation, hanging clothes in the room, and spraying larvicide powder.


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