4 facts about Bripka IS’s relationship with prisoners’ wife, jail time video revealed in hotel – archyde

Police illustration. Several facts relate to the relationship between members of the satreskrim Polres Lahat, South Sumatra, with the initials Bripka IS and IN, the wife of a drug prisoner. (Source: Tribunnews.com)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The relationship between IN, the wife of a drug prisoner, and a member of the Satreskrim Polres Lahat, South Sumatra, with the initials Bripka IS has now entered a new phase.

The latest news is that the IS brigadier general who was initially believed to have impregnated IN actually has a special relationship with the woman.

This fact has also been confirmed by the South Sumatra Police Director of Public Relations, Kombes Supriadi, as evidenced by the video evidence.

In addition to the video evidence, there are also some other current facts that can also clarify the relationship between Bripka IS and IN.

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1. Video of Bripka IS with IN in the hotel

Supriadi revealed that evidence of the closeness of Bripka IS and IN, who were romantically involved, was seen from the video recording when the two slept in a Palembang hotel.

“This recording (video) shows that the two have a special relationship,” said Supriadi, quoted from Kompas.com, Wednesday (December 15, 2021).

From this, Supriadi went on, one could conclude that the allegation that Bripka was forced into marital relationships IN was not true.

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2. IN divorced her husband

In addition to the video, Supriadi said the police had received other evidence that strengthened the love affair between Bripka IS and IN.



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