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Laura Anna died after battling a spinal cord injury. The 21-year-old celebrity was paralyzed in a car accident with his ex-girlfriend Gaga Muhammad in 2019.

Spinal cord injuries or spinal cord injuries can definitely cause permanent damage. Therefore, Laura Anna has difficulty performing everyday activities on the condition that she can no longer walk.

The doctor and influencer Tirta Mandira Hudhi, who is known to be Dr. Tirta is deeply saddened by the death of Laura Anna. As a doctor, Dr. Tirta admits that he knows very well the severity of a patient or combatant of a spinal cord injury due to a broken spine.


“The battle with spinal cord injuries is tough. As a doctor, I know if the patient is experiencing this, ”said Dr. Tirta on his personal Instagram page, quoted by detikcom with his permission.

“But Laura Anna is able to fight and spread positive energy around her. All of their videos contain motivation, many of which are encouraging to patients, even someone who is not sick gets excited after sharing it, ”he continued.

Although Dr. Tirta said that he didn’t have a very close relationship with Laura Anna, he felt that the celebgram was an image of a hero and an inspiration to many people, including himself. Also, when Laura Anna was finally out for the 2019 accident Justice fought.

“The deceased’s struggle for justice is also extraordinary. Until yesterday the story of the deceased was still active, God loves Laura more, so now I have no more pain, ”said Dr. Tirta and asked the netizens to join in and pray for Laura Anna.

“Let us pray for the warrior with a spinal cord injury and not forget him! Rest in love Laura Anna (@edlnlaura), ”he concluded.

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