Chicago woman who was handcuffed naked receives $ 2.9 million severance pay – archyde

“Since I know that my words will not change anything that happened to you and your family almost two years ago, I apologize anyway.” said Mayor Lightfoot at a press conference In December. “If you can hear that my voice is hoarse, it is because I am ruthless in my comments to everyone involved in this colossal mess.”

Last month, David O. Brown, the superintendent of the department, recommended that the sergeant who led the raid, and a police oversight agency recommended suspensions for several officers involved in the raid.

At least some of the officials are appealing these recommendations, according to the department. One police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Ms. Young, 51, said she started taking drugs to treat depression and PTSD after the raid and eventually lost her job.

“My life before was just a quiet one,” Ms. Young said in an interview with a contributor for the New York Times this month. “I lived a very calm and simple life and now my life has been completely turned upside down. I can not sleep at night.”

City officials and attorneys for Ms. Young of Saulter Law, an Illinois law firm, said they had agreed on the settlement amount.

Ms. Young continues to want “the strictest discipline” for officials who violate their training, general department rules, and “basic human decency in dealing with her,” according to a statement released Wednesday by Saulter Law.

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