Video of Aunt Sisca’s seconds of celebrity having sex with Boris and being seen scattered by two men – archyde

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Sisca Mellyana’s viral video of 60 seconds and 5 minutes while sleeping in Bali, the celebgram of the ‘unifying nation’ was secretly seen and recorded.

Aunt Sisca, her nickname, admitted that she was secretly taken in by 2 men while doing personal activities in the villa room.

The villa is located in the Kedewatan Village area, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency.

Nicknamed “the aunt that unites the nation”, Sisca’s admission was revealed through her Instagram reel upload @ siscamellyana22_official.

The confession, which was accompanied by a viral video upload of the moment the man who recorded himself was recorded, also caught the attention of internet users.

By Sunday (December 12th, 2021) the reels had been viewed 619,000 times and 23,497 liked.

“This is the beginning of the chronology … so that you are aware, no matter how private, no matter how private, people like him can take advantage of the situation.

Thanks to the Ubud police for the quick capture of 2 perpetrators ”, he wrote in the caption of the Reels post uploaded on Friday (December 10th, 2021).

In the second upload of the reels, he also adds a viral video confession of one of the alleged recorders and snoopers while doing personal activities in the villa room.

“Full video on @borizhts… all cases are over, just go back to the Ubud Police Station this afternoon.

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