Tralmaks are very active in the AHL and score their second goal of the season – Nach Welt


Eduards Tralmaks Photo: Bruins Providence

Last night in the American Hockey League (AHL) Eduard Tralmax and the Providence Bruins won the Toronto Marlies, which are played daily by Christian Ruby.

Tralmaks was very active in this match, making eight shots at the opposing goal, one of which reached the goal. The Latvian stood out in the third period, scoring the team’s fourth goal in the game and the second of the season. Tralmax has also made three assists this season. The ruby ​​was not available to the Marlies after their return to the AHL after three games for the NHL at the Maple Leafs in Toronto.

In another duel, the team of the Latvian goalkeeper Artūrs Šilovs at the Ebotsford “Canucks” with the result 2: 5 the superiority of the “Barracuda” in San Jose. During the fight, Šilov replaced Riku Dipjetro, the unsuccessful puck catcher. The Latvian shot six of the opponent’s seven shots in 32 minutes and five seconds.

Šilov has saved the Canucks goal in six games this season, winning two of them. Overall, he rebounded 89.9% of the throw and averaged 2.67 discs in the game. In the regular championship, the teams play an unequal number of games until the end of April – 76, 72 or 68 – and share the places according to the points / match ratio won.

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