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Every December, the things and trends of the year are summed up and everyone becomes nostalgic and thoughtful about the past year. And one of them is always the most liked Instagram post – so here it is for 2021.

From footballers and their giant announcements of hair transformations that made the world stand still, baby news, and of course an entry from the Kardashian-Jenner clan, here is the full top 10 list of the most popular Instagram posts of 2021.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – 19.3 million likes

In September, Ronaldo published about his return to the UK and his return to Manchester United Football Club. Cristiano is currently the most followed person on Instagram (376 million followers, by the way) and this post received 19.3 million likes.

9. Mermaid Montana – 20.2 million likes

You’ve likely seen out-of-context videos of Mermaid Montana on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram many times. She is literally a professional mermaid and has close to a million Instagram followers. This role, in which she appears behind a girl at the Blue Zoo, has over 20 million likes.

8. Lionel Messi – 21.2 million likes

Lionel Messi has a huge 289 million followers so it’s no surprise he’s featured here. In August, Messi announced that he would be leaving FC Barcelona – the post received over 21.2 million likes.

7. Lionel Messi – 22 million likes

Lionel Messi was also number seven on Instagram posts with the most likes of 2021. He shared a picture of him after winning the Copa America trophy with Argentina and it received 22 million likes.

6. Billie Eilish – 22 million likes

In May, singer Billie Elish shared a picture from her photo shoot with Vogue. Over 22 million people agreed, it was a huge wow moment.

5. Lionel Messi – 22.1 million likes

Lionel is back! When he joined PSG this year, over 22.1 million people liked the post – exactly a million more than the previous post about him leaving Barcelona.

4. Billie Eilish – 23 million likes

We haven’t seen Billie for the last time either, as she is also in the top 5 most popular posts on Instagram of 2021. Earlier this year, the whole world seemed to be on a hiatus when she revealed she had entered her era of blonde hair, and 23 million people liked the photo. It even became the fastest photo with a million likes on Insta. She labeled the picture “Pinch me” and frankly Billie, the same thing.

3. Kylie Jenner – 24.5 million likes

Would it be a round-up of Instagram records without at least one feature from a Kardashian or Jenner? Earlier this year, Kylie announced to the world that Stormi would become an older sister and the post received 24.5 million likes.

2. Ariana Grande – 26.7 million likes

Okay, I think a lot of us will admit we screamed when Ari dropped photos from her wedding to Dalton Gomez. The ceremony was held privately in May, and the first of its three consecutive photo dumps from that day received 26.7 million likes.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 32.1 million likes

It’s official: The person with the most followers on Instagram also holds the record for the most likes on all posts in 2021. Just six weeks ago, he and Georgina Rodriquez announced together that they were expecting twins. After the World Record Egg (what was that for a time), this is the most popular Instagram post of all time.

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Featured image via Instagram @Ariana Grande, @cristiano, @billieelish.

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