The waitress burst into tears after receiving a generous € 3,900 tip that was fired for failing to share it with the staff – Post World

A waitress who received a huge tip worth almost 4,000 euros was fired for not sharing it with her colleagues.

Ryan Brandt, in his 30s, was working on December 2nd when a group of 40 people arrived at the restaurant.

She was working hard at the Oven and Tap in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA, when a “$ 100 Dinner Club” showed up and made a generous donation.

The idea behind the club is for guests to leave the $ 100 for staff affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Client Grant Wise, who owns a real estate company, organized dinner and even called the restaurant ahead of time to make sure the tip wasn’t shared among all employees.

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This is because he wanted to greatly change the lives of just one or two people. as the mirror reports.

Ryan was one of two waitresses who served the large group and was moved to tears when she was presented with the generous gift.

While she had to share the $ 4,400 donation with the other server, she later said that managers require the tip to be shared among all restaurant employees.

This was something she had never asked for in her three and a half years there, she told Fox 59.

“I was told I would hand my money over to my shift supervisor and take 20% home with me,” she told the news agency.

Later that evening, Mr. Wise, who chose the restaurant because it is his wife’s favorite, recorded the big reveal.

“I’m so sorry to have to interrupt everyone’s dinner, it only takes 60 seconds,” he begins in the video.

“We have a table full of absolutely great people from all over the country who have traveled here, and tonight we’re having a $ 100 dinner club,” he tells Ryan as he puts his arm around her.

“Everyone at this table contributed $ 100 for you and the other waitress who unfortunately had to go home because she wasn’t feeling well, or gave a $ 100 tip.

“And then we posted it on our social media channels, and then we actually sent a little more money, so we’re tipping a total of $ 4,400 so that you can part ways with the other girl who took care of us.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Wise discovered a few days later that Ryan had been fired for breaking the restaurant’s rules by telling him about the company’s tipping policy.

Upon hearing that Ryan was fired, Mr Wise reached out to social media to help her out. He has since set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for them, which has raised nearly € 8,000 so far.

Officials from Oven and Tap told Fox 59 they complied with the group’s request to only give the money to two employees. They said, “After dinner, this large group of guests requested that their tips be given to two designated waiters. We fully complied with your request.

“Out of respect for our valued team members, we do not talk about the details of an employee’s termination.”


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