The driver makes the VW Multivan T7 uncomfortable. It has off-road requirements and a sports exhaust

The more durable Multivan has only been available virtually so far, but you can embellish it with the elements shown next year.

Changes for Volkswagen Multivan T7 Created by Delta4x4, a German specialist in off-road modifications of all kinds. Innovations for the brand new model are currently only presented in the form of rendering, but the company has announced that customers will be able to order the parts shown in the second half of next year.

And what is actually available? For example, the Multivan has a different chassis that increases the ground clearance by 40 millimeters. We can also see additional protection for the front bumper with a matt black finish or the roof rack with two LED light strips. Additional elements can be placed on the panels that replace the rear side windows. Many parts come from well-known manufacturers such as Eibach or Bilstein.

The more robust look is underlined by the extended fenders and, above all, the special tires. The regulator offers customers two versions – eighteen shoes with size 255/55 R18 or twenty 275/40 R20 shoes. In both cases suitable for the best possible terrain permeability.

For all that, even all of that would not be enough, he gets a special exhaust system with a more aggressive sound from a German company. The experts at Delta4x4 do not specify any restrictions on the sides of the units, so the modifications can be applied to the gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions of the model.



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