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The third dose could be the key to getting Norway out of the wave of infections.

The Norwegian health authorities are considering shortening the time between the second and third dose from the current five months in order to intensify vaccination.

But even with a third dose in the body you can still get infected, figures from Denmark show.

Omicron was given to 234 people with a refreshing dose. That is almost 10 percent of all cases, one shows report from the Danish authorities.

The report shows 2,471 cases of Omicron in the country. Of these, over 1,800 people were vaccinated with two doses.

THREE ISSUES: The changes in the virus variants are colored here.  The original virus on the left, the delta in the middle and the omicron on the right.

THREE ISSUES: The changes in the virus variants are colored here. The original virus on the left, the delta in the middle and the omicron on the right.


Expect an infection

In Norway none of the omikron cases have received the third dose so far, NRK is informed by the FHI.

The deputy director of the FHI still think it’s gonna happen

– We expect that those who have been vaccinated with three doses will also be infected, says Geir Bukholm.

FHI is not surprised by the news from Denmark. Bukholm emphasizes that it is still too early to draw any conclusions about omikron.

– There are currently small numbers on which this is based, but a third dose is not expected to reduce the risk of infection to zero, he says.

FHI deputy director Geir Bukholm says a third dose won’t protect you from the Omicron variant.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

– Still important

Although those on the third dose are not fully protected against omicron infection, the vaccine is still an important tool.

– The main effect of a third dose will be to protect the risk groups and the elderly from serious illness and hospitalization, says Bukholm.

– Any new knowledge that becomes available now is knowledge that contributes to a better understanding of the situation. But the data now coming from Denmark are certainly not surprising, he continues.

Found in several countries

It is not only in Denmark that people are infected with three doses of the new variant.

In Germany, seven people were infected with a third dose of Omicron. Two people have been reported with omicrones in Singapore, writes Bloomberg.

In a report from the UK, they found that a third dose only protects against 75 percent of cases.

The study was carried out by the UK health authority. You’ve looked at 581 cases of Omicron and believe a third dose won’t be as effective as against other variants of the virus.

Protects against diseases

Three research groups reports that the vaccines do not provide satisfactory protection against Omicron infection. The vaccine is still believed to provide protection against serious illness, and preliminary studies show that a third dose has some effect.

939,425 people in Norway were vaccinated with the third dose of the coronary vaccine, according to statistics from FHI on Friday.

On Friday the FHI wrote that there are now 109 cases of Omicron in Norway. The number can be higher as the numbers are not updated on Sunday.

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