Police ask lawyers for help contain crime – archyde

MANSEHRA: The police have asked the legal profession to bring the outlaws involved in the heinous crimes to justice.

“We launched a crackdown on outlaws, land screwers and drug traffickers and achieved a breakthrough. If lawyers give us their support, we can be more successful in freeing the district from crime, ”said Sajjad Khan, District Police Officer (DPO), speaking to lawyers gathering here on Sunday.

District Bar Association President Bilal Khan previously greeted the DPO upon his arrival at the Bar Association.

The DSB said the police firmly believe in the inviolability of the bank and bar and their support for the police would pave the way for an early justice of the victim and his families. “Police officers and their subordinates are equally responsible for their actions, and if a police officer or a police officer acts out of court he can be punished,” he said.

The senior police officer said dozens of land robbers, drug traffickers and outlaws wanted for the murders and other heinous crimes were arrested and reparations made during the ongoing raid. “I appealed to people to help the police break the networks of the outlaws, as if drug traffickers weren’t going to justice and could destroy youngsters,” he said.

The DPO said the police inherited women in their ancestral lands and properties.


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