NASA predicts the arrival of a potentially dangerous asteroid, spacecraft takes off for a hit

PR TASIKMALAYA – US space research institute, NASA, the coming of a. predict Asteroid large.

NASA mention that Asteroid that will slide into orbit Earth it has the potential dangerous.

On the other hand, NASA also said that with its length of 304 meters, Asteroid it’s oversized large of the Eiffelturms.

Asteroid Nereus 4660 named “potentially” dangerous“Because it will pass within 4.65 million miles Earth.

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However, NASA remind us that we don’t have to worry about stones space this will not endanger security Planet weather.

Reported From Spiegel, Asteroid discovered in 1982, it is also six meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.

It is estimated to contain IDR 67.4 trillion worth of nickel, iron and cobalt, rocks space it travels at a speed of 14,719 mph.

Cross it out Asteroid that will be the closest Earth since it was first seen almost 40 years ago.


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