Explosion in Ravanusa: seven dead, two missing and 100 displaced – Sicily – archyde

36 hours after the explosion due to a gas leak in Ravanusa that destroyed 4 buildings and devastated another 4, the official death toll from the tragedy rises to seven. Five days before the Ravanusa massacre, there was an ordinary maintenance operation on the methane network system that had shown no criticality. The Carabinieri have determined that they now have to obtain the intervention report in order to check who physically carried out the test and whether it was carried out professionally.

After a whole night of digging in the rubble, firefighters pulled out 4 bodies: that of Selene Pascarello, the ninth month pregnant nurse who was due to be born next week, her husband’s Giuseppe Carmina and that of the father-in-law Angelo Carmina.

The fourth should, even if there has not yet been an official identification, that of. being Carmela scibetta, The professor’s wife Pietro Carminewhose body yesterday together with that of Enza Zagarrio, the wife of Angelo Carmina, and from Gioachina Calogera Minacori. The woman is the woman of Calogero Carminia and mother of Giuseppe Carminia: The two are the last missing and the fire brigade is still looking for them.

The four bodies found this morning were all in the same place: on the third floor of the four-story building that collapsed after the explosion. Firemen discovered them under a mountain of rubble, pieces of concrete and iron bars. The only survivors of the explosion are two women: Giuseppina Montana e Rosa Carminia, both recovered from the rubble late Saturday evening.

The search operations, affirmed the firefighters, will continue until all bodies are found. Then we will proceed to clearing the debris to identify the point where the pipe that caused the massacre cracked. A phase that begins with a re-inspection of the judges and investigators and will in fact be the first step in the investigation to identify those responsible for the tragedy.


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