Current price list for Samsung tablets – World – The tablet market in Indonesia is now overcrowded with many gamers. For those of you who don’t want to take chances with a new brand, Samsung may be the safest choice as it has been tested for quality for a long time.

It’s just there’s a lot Tablet Samsung in the country today. It can be a little difficult to find the right one for your needs. Hence, below is an article about Samsung tablet price list newest in indonesia:

Serie S

  1. Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G Harga Rp. 9.499.000 (128 GB)
  2. Galaxy Tab S7+ LTE Price Rp. 8,450,000 (6/128 GB)
  3. Galaxy Tab S7 LTE Price Rp. 11,4999,000 (128 GB)
  4. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Harga Rp. 6.299.000 (4/128 GB)
  5. Galaxy Tab S6 Harga Rp. 8.975.000 (6/128 GB)
  6. Galaxy Tab S5e 2019 Preis Rp. 5.499.000 (4/64 GB)
  7. Galaxy Tab S4 2018 Harga Rp. 6.499.000 (4/64GB)
  8. Galaxy Tab S3 2017 Price Rp.3,299,000 (4/32 GB0

A league

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  1. Galaxy Tab A7 WiFi Harga Rp. 3.499.000 (64GB)
  2. Galaxy Tab A7 Lite LTE Harga Rp. 2.499.000 (32GB)
  3. Galaxy Tab A7 LTE Harga Rp. 4.499.000 (32 GB)
  4. Galaxy Tab A 2019 Price Rp. 2,200,000 (2/32 GB)
  5. Galaxy Tab A Harga Rp. 1.890.000 (2/32GB)
  6. Galaxy Tab A mit S-Stift Harga Rp. 4.450.000 (3/32 GB)

From the Samsung tablet price list above, it can be seen that this South Korean tech company has two types of tablet computers, namely the more expensive Tab S type and the wallet-friendly TAB A.

Which Samsung tablet will you choose after looking at the list above? [Sofia Ainun Nisa]


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