Control of high blood pressure: don’t ignore this morning symptom of the “silent killer”

High blood pressure can have serious consequences if not diagnosed. It is important to be aware of the signs of high blood pressure in order to be safe.

Millions of people around the world suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. It’s often referred to as the silent killer because most people don’t even realize they have high blood pressure unless their blood pressure is dangerously high. If it goes unnoticed, the force of the blood against the artery walls due to high bp levels can damage the blood vessels and lead to heart problems. It’s also important to know the symptoms that can creep into your system and cause serious damage.

Don’t ignore this morning symptom of high blood pressure

The reason hypertension is called the “silent killer” because it doesn’t show any obvious symptoms that suggest something is wrong. And you can’t ignore the symptoms either, as ignorance can lead to serious health complications. So what can you do The best way to protect yourself is to be aware of the risks and symptoms of the disease.

Have you ever woken up with a headache? It could be a sign of high blood pressure. But only when it is violent. Dr. Reema Kashiva, a senior diabetologist at Noble Hospital in Pune, said, “According to the medical literature, a person with a severe headache may experience a hypertensive crisis of 180/120 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) or higher. This is an emergency medical scenario and a person should be hospitalized immediately. If their blood pressure is currently well controlled and someone has a headache in the morning, they can take aspirin, which is available over the counter. ”

Not everyone with high blood pressure has a headache

“Not all people have high blood pressure when they have a headache. Only in a few cases have we seen people suffer early in the morning a headache, will have high blood pressure. There are many reasons for a morning headache. If someone has a headache every day, then this should not be neglected. You should see a doctor right away, ”added Dr. Kashiva added.

Other signs of high blood pressure

According to the American Heart Association, pinpointing the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure is difficult because they are not noticeable symptoms as such. High blood pressure is a “silent killer” with few symptoms. You risk your life if you ignore your blood pressure because you believe a certain symptom or indication is causing you to be aware of the problem. It is best to consult a doctor and get diagnosed before it is too late.

Although it will not be seen, you may experience these symptoms if you have high blood pressure:

Although these symptoms can occur, it is best to seek professional advice from a doctor.

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