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People around the KwaZulu-Natal area are still in disbelief after seeing what most of them thought were shooting stars or Santa Claus doing his annual laps on the weekend.

Videos appeared on social networks of people in different parts of KwaZulu-Natal showing something strange in the sky.

Those who thought the sighting wished for stars wasted no time, wishing for husbands and money in some videos.

Fireballs will sweep across the sky on Saturday.

Facebook / Sandra Beneke

A post on the Astronomy – ASSA Johannesburg Center Facebook page suggested the lights were likely the re-entry of the SL-4 rocket booster from a rocket that launched the newest cosmonauts to the International Space Station on December 11th.

“The lights had nothing to do with a comet, asteroid, meteor shower, or the Geminids as published elsewhere.”

Byron ‘Beez’ Robert Meugens, Murray Andrew Clark and Tracey Leigh Meugens said when they saw the lights moving in the sky, “We saw something extraordinary tonight! Something entered our atmosphere in the Kloof sky, really amazing! Not sure what it was, but man, oh man! “

Here are some amazing shots people have shared on social networks. warning, some of the videos contain strong speech:

We live in a world where facts and fiction are blurred

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