Chee Soon Juan gives the residents of Bukit Batok from rental blocks an early Christmas treat at Orange & Teal – Nach Welt

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Singapore – The longtime opposition leader, who fulfilled a lifelong dream of opening a restaurant with his wife Huang Chih-Mei in late June, reopened Orange & Teal to those who might otherwise not be able to afford meals.

Dr. Chee, the general secretary of the Singapore Democratic Party, received the residents of Bukit Batok, who live in rental blocks, where he has been involved in on-site activities for some time.

On sunday (12.12.) he posted on facebook: “Getting in the mood for the season. Treated Bukit Batok residents from rental blocks to a Christmas dinner at Orange & Teal.

Turkey with filling and prawn scampi served, rounded off with our Christmas cookies and a hot cup for everyone. Had a good time.

Thank you to everyone who supported our Pay It Forward program. Merry Christmas to everyone.”

It has become a habit for the opposition leader to keep the door wide open to all Singaporeans.

In August, less than two months after Orange & Teal opened, he invited two marginalized groups of people to dine in the cafe: carton collectors and poor elderly people.

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In a Facebook post on August 13, he wrote: “Instead of indulging in self-glorifying parades and grandiose rallies, society should commemorate our independence by raising the poorest of us….

We have created a place where the richest and poorest among us can dine in style and comfort – and have great conversations. Aren’t you coming over? ” he added.

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The following month, as comments on the “make-up” of Orange & Teal guests he emphasized that everyone is welcome in the café.

He wrote in a Facebook post on September 16 that someone who had rated the food at Orange & Teal “was wrong to comment on our guests’ make-up”.

He called this “not quite as kosher” as her comments on the food.

“The whole idea that we started the café was to bring people together, regardless of where they were in life or where they went.”

“Orange & Teal serves the millionaire who orders our best wine and dines in style, as well as the cardboard collector who comes home from work for a simple meal.

I let you all come through and I thank you for making this place the rich tapestry of life we ​​want, ”he added.

His latest attempt to help disadvantaged residents has received praise from internet users.


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