Balanced on nuclear weapons, Russia outperforms the US on new weapons – archyde

President Vladimir Putin declared Russia the world leader in new weapons, but remained in balance with the US on the nuclear arsenal. Photo / REUTERS

MOSCOW – President Wladimir Putin to say Russia and United States of America (USA) maintains a balance on nuclear weapons. However, he claims Moscow is the world leader in new weapons.

“Russia and the United States retain general aircraft carrier and warhead similarities” [nuklir], but [Rusia]He is an unconditional leader in promising developments, ”Putin said Russia 1 On Sunday.

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“And we’re not just modernizing the traditional assets we have, we’re also creating new complexes. In this regard, we can confirm that we are number one in the world in this direction, ”Putin continued. Sputniknews, Monday (13.12.2021).

President Putin added that other countries will definitely have hypersonic missiles in the future, but by then Russia will likely have the right defense.

“I have always said, and I can repeat it now, that of course the world’s leading military will have the same weapons as Russia does today. I mean hypersonic weapons, ”he explained.

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“But since 2018 [ketika Rusia meluncurkan senjata hipersonik barunya], no one else owns it and develops this weapon. They will eventually make it, but I think we will be able to impress our partners that if they get these weapons we will most likely have the means to counter them, ”Putin said.

Back in November, Putin commented on Russia’s hypersonic weapons, saying Russia will be armed with new sea-based hypersonic missiles that can reach a top speed of Mach 9 in the near future.



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