Vaccination cuts approvals by 75% and deaths from Covid by 90% – archyde

Vaccination against the coronavirus reduces the number of hospitalizations and admissions to the intensive care unit by 75% and the number of deaths by 90% while the risk of death is multiplied by three in unvaccinated people, according to a study by the General Directorate for Analysis and Public Policy of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The study shows that vaccination has radically changed the relationship between cases and hospital pressures. In this way, people diagnosed with Covid-19 who are not or incompletely vaccinated multiply by twice Risk of hospitalization, while the risk of death in unvaccinated people is tripled.

The effects of Covid-19 on mortality, according to this vaccination against Covid report, are significantly less than the wave of early 2021 when the population was not vaccinated.

The main conclusion is that vaccines prove to be very effective at the severity of the cases Since all degrees of severity (hospitalization, ICU admission and death) show an undeniable decrease, the Generalitat stressed, adding that the disease manifests itself easily in most cases.

The effects on the elderly are also relevant as the vaccinated people between 60 and 80 years of age they have a 14 times lower risk of death than those who are not vaccinated; People over 30 years of age have eight times less risk of being hospitalized for vaccinated people

The study on the effectiveness of vaccines was also carried out in the field of Health professionals the Valencian community found that unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated health professionals are three times as likely to be hospitalized and the risk of death multiplied by 2.5. In addition, the vaccine has reduced hospital admissions by 73% and deaths by 65% ​​in this area.

The Generalitat’s Barometer 2021 analyzed the severity of the disease on the basis of the cases of Covid-19 diagnosed in the Valencian community from the summer when the vaccination was very advanced compared to the previous period.

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