The situation in Donbass – on December 12, a soldier was blown up by a mine – archyde

“A soldier in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 49 years old, a lieutenant, received a mine and was wounded with explosives. The medical service of the military unit carried out an urgent evacuation of the wounded to a military hospital, where they received the necessary medical care, ”the statement said.

The wounded soldier’s condition is rated as moderate.

Headquarters said that when the wounded were examined, it was found that the militants
As it turned out during the investigation of the wounded, the enemy is using remote mining with plastic mines in the line of fire.

“They are forbidden by international conventions, as the victim is inflicted considerable harm both during the explosion with this explosive device and when the fragments are removed from the body of the wounded man,” the statement said.

Headquarters added that an investigation into the incident was being carried out, the material of which, along with the wreckage of an explosive device recovered from the body of the military, would be made available to international surveillance organizations.


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