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In the past we have featured several modified motorcycles on our website. The majority of the motorcycles used in such projects are Royal Enfeilds. Classic series or bullet motorcycles are usually chosen for such conversion or customization projects. Royal Enfield is one of the most popular and oldest motorcycle brands in the world. Royal Enfield previously offered a 500cc version of the Classic series motorcycle. It was later withdrawn from the market under the BS6 emissions standards. Here we have a Classic 500 Desert Storm motorcycle that was customized by Eimor Customs.

Eimor Customs is a very popular name with people who love to personalize their rides. They mainly do customization projects on Royal Enfield motorcycles and many of them are featured on our website as well. This is one of their latest creations and they call it the Falcon. The custom project is based on a Royal Enfield Classic 500 Desert Storm. The pictures were shared by Eimor customs on their Facebook page.

Eimor Customs completely changed the look of the motorcycle, making it look much more elegant. The motorcycle gets several tailor-made components. Starting with the front, the motorcycle has the same steel rim, but it has been painted in a matt black finish. The original tires on the motorcycle have been replaced with wider units.

This modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 from Eimor Customs looks elegant

The lower part of the front fork was painted glossy black and the standard front fender was replaced with a custom-made unit. Over time, the motorcycle’s original headlight was replaced with a retrofit unit. It’s smaller than the original. The instrument cluster on this motorcycle has also been redesigned.

This modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 from Eimor Customs looks elegant

The highlight of this motorcycle is the paintwork. It gets wine red with black. Eimor calls it crystal effect paint. The drop design of the fuel tank has not been redesigned. However, it does get a small hump that divides the tank in two. It contributes to the classic look of the motorcycle. This motorcycle uses less chrome compared to the original motorcycle. The motor housing is chrome-plated. Otherwise the engine will be painted black.

This modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 from Eimor Customs looks elegant

The original seat on this motorcycle has been replaced with a single spring seat. The side panels are also black. There is a massive metal impact protection and the original exhaust of the motorcycle has also been replaced by a retrofit unit. The rear gets custom-made metal fenders and the taillight and license plate are on the left side of the motorcycle.

This modified Royal Enfield Classic 500 from Eimor Customs looks elegant

The fender covers the rear wheel, but it still shows the chunky looking rear tires. The handlebars of the motorcycle have been individually adapted and have body-colored handles. The modification did not completely deprive the motorcycle of its identity. The work on this bike looks very neat and the bike looks aggressive and elegant at the same time.


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