The Durban singer could face charges of harming her cat – archyde

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Durban – Unless the Afro-pop singer and sangoma from Inanda, north of Durban, Philly “Mkhulumpiyonke” Ngcobo, is charged with her barbaric act against her deceased cat, then a cleansing ceremony awaits her.

Ngcobo recently confessed to using her cat for sexual intercourse.

She reportedly said that for her sexual arousal and pleasure, she would pour pudding on her genital area, which the cat would supposedly lick off.

“If the cat finished licking it before I reached orgasm, I would pour it again until I was sexually satisfied,” said Ngcobo.

She said that if the cat approached her while sitting with people, she would feel uncomfortable and she would climb on top of them and try to get under her skirt or dress.

After her cat died after being run over by a vehicle, Ngcobo said she would go without food for days because she was so sad and said she often had suicidal thoughts.

Tanya Feircher, marketing manager for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), said that if Ngcobo were ever reported and a case opened with the South African Police Department (SAPS), Ngcobo would be charged with violating the animal welfare law.

“If found guilty, she would be charged under the Animal Welfare Act. However, since that was years ago, I’m not sure who would bring charges against them and where the evidence would come from, ”said Feircher.

Traditional Healers Association president Sazi Mhlongo has called on law enforcement agencies to arrest traditional healers who break the law on the pretext of following a calling from their ancestors.

Mhlongo said that sleeping with an animal signaled the onset of a psychological breakdown, and if Ngcobo didn’t get help, she would soon be a psychopath.

“Sleeping with cats or other animals is inhuman. This would mean that a person is insane and / or mentally disturbed, ”Mhlongo said.

Mhlongo says Ngcobo should contact a traditional healer who would help her perform a purification ceremony or she would be doomed.

“If the purification ceremony is not performed, any man who sleeps with her risks his life because he may die. She would also have to be purified so that she can also practice as a sangoma or traditional healer. “

Mhlongo said he had nearly 80 years of experience in traditional healing and had attended many summits where sangomas and traditional healers met, but had never met anyone who performed such indecent acts.

However, Ngcobo says she has been purified and is actually in a happy relationship.

“I am happy and my partner satisfies me in bed. We’ve been together since the beginning of the year. He takes really good care of me, be it in bed or otherwise, ”says Ngcobo.

Ngcobo said she couldn’t reveal her boyfriend’s name because he was shy and didn’t want the attention he would get after the story was published.

Ngcobo was a former dancer in the acapella group Shabalala Rhythm, which was founded by Sibongiseni Shabalala, the son of the late Joseph Shabalala. Ngcobo stepped into the spotlight when she released a diss track. You are not cheese, (freely translated into “You are not a virgin”), which was addressed to singer Kelly Khumalo.

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