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RAPPER Rod Wave worried fans with disturbing lyrics about suicide after releasing his new song Nirvana – but the star confirms to fans he’s safe.

Rod terrified fans after dropping Nirvana, his new disturbing song that hinted at suicide, then deleted his social media accounts.

Rapper Rod Wave worried fans with a new song release with lyrics alluding to suicidePhoto credit: Instagram


The artist deleted his social media before reactivating him to tell fans he was finePhoto credit: Instagram

After Rod published Nirvana, he deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

In the song, the lyrics allude to ending one’s own life and fighting depression.

The disturbing text read: “If you hear that, it’s too late / I’ve been writing this since Tuesday, today Friday it means tomorrow’s end of the world / Tried to fight the pain, but it ate me alive / Sad to say that I lost a fight against my mind / You should be happy for me, homie, no more suffering / We all have a day, I think we’ll see each other then / I hope heaven is real and one day we can meet reunite / And that’s not it. I cried for myself, I lived a wonderful life. ”

The most disturbing part for the fans was the fact that he described Saturday as “the end of the world”.

When the song was released, Rod disappeared from social media and fans feared the worst.

According to HotNewHipHopHer fan tweeted, “If you’re a real rod wave fan just take a minute and say a prayer for him.”

Another wrote: “Rod Wave turned off all of his social networks and then released a song saying he was about to self-destruct.

“I hope he won’t, it’s mfs like him that stopped me and probably other people from leaving.”

A third wrote, “Dawg, please tell me Rod Wave is good after this song,” while a fourth said, “I’m really worried about this man.”

Another fifth wrote, “Rod Wave’s nirvana is bloody deep … mental health is no joke. Hope Rod Wave is good and getting the help he needs. ”

The rapper has since reactivated his Instagram to tell his fans he’s fine when he wrote, “Sorry for the horror doe dat was definitely a prevention song.”

Rod claimed that he intended to write the song to help prevent suicide and not to alarm fans.

He has since erased nirvana after it provoked an opposite reaction from what the artist wanted.


In early November, Rod released another song called By Your Side and his music video on Instagram.

He titled the release: “… you know, there are certain people who don’t like my music.”

Rod continued, “I go through my own little mental shit so I fall back every now and then, but even after I leave I’m definitely with you all the time.”

With Rod Wave as his stage name, Rodarius Green became famous in 2019 with his single “Heart on Ice”, which was made for his fifth mixtape PTSD.

The rapper has made his music appear on the Billboard 100 lists multiple times.

His SoulFly tour lasted for months, touring 36 cities in front of a sold-out audience in the United States from late August to mid-October this year.

After thousands of fans turned out to see Rod live this fall, many rushed to his Instagram when they heard about Nirvana.

Rod posted a snap of him touring the streets of New York City in October, and fans rushed to the post office to express their condolences.

One wrote: “We don’t have to lose another great artist!”

A second encouraged: “Keep it up. We love you!”

A third wrote, “We are here for you,” while a fourth said passionately, “We all need Rod Wave here because you are the most talented and the most important and strongest person I know.

“Please do not go.”

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text the Crisis Text Line at 741741.


Rod has since deleted the new song Nirvana as it was supposed to be a “prevention song”Photo credit: Instagram
Fans rushed to Twitter and Instagram to endorse the artist


Fans rushed to Twitter and Instagram to endorse the artistPhoto credit: Instagram
Rod Wave performed in front of a sold-out audience on his tour last fall


Rod Wave performed in front of a sold-out audience on his tour last fallPhoto credit: Instagram

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