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Peloton was surprised by what was going on in the Sex and the City start anew And just like that …, but the exercise bike brand and Mr. Big himself are here now to remind everyone that cycling can be a really healthy activity.

(WARNING: This contains a major spoiler for And just like that …)

Als BuzzFeed-News previously reported, the first episode of the HBO Max reboot shows Big (Chris Noth) having a heart attack and dying after intense peloton training. And although the show features bike and peloton instructor Jess King, the company was unaware of the plot.

“For the sake of confidentiality, HBO has not given Peloton the larger context of the scene in advance,” Peloton spokeswoman Denise Kelly told BuzzFeed News.

Well, Noth is now back – and definitely alive – promoting the Peloton brand and possibly starting a new romance of her own. In a video posted on Peloton’s Twitter account on Sunday, he and King sit in front of a roaring fire and toast to new beginnings. She says he looks great. “I feel great,” he replies.

“Shall we take another ride?” Then Noth asks, “Life is too short not to be.

While they stare at each other, an announcer cuts off any health benefits of cycling regularly and adds, “He’s alive.”

The character’s death had shocked fans and also scratched his head as Peloton got dragged in. The company’s shares fell after the episode was released.

And that, a legal expert told the New York TimesHe could show that the episode is damaging the brand’s reputation. The company could reasonably consider filing a lawsuit. (Sex and the City Creator Michael Patrick King on Sunday clarified to The Wrap that Big died of the heart problem first exposed on the series years earlier.)

Representatives from Noth and Peloton did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News for comment.

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