Michael Chiesa was injured after he stormed in celebration of Julianna Pena victory in the octagon and was “pulled out” by the police – archyde

UFC Welterweight Michael Church injured while celebrating his long-time teammate Julianna Pena‘s bantamweight title win at UFC 269.

At the post-fight press conference of the pay-per-view event on Saturday night, the UFC President said Dana White said Las Vegas police intervened after Chiesa tried to enter the octagon. The fighter and welterweight suffered a cut in the eye and was escorted from the T-Mobile arena.

“How am I supposed to say this without embarrassing the guy,” said White. “He drank a little too much tonight. When she won, he freaked out and tried to jump into the octagon and fell on his face, cut his eye and tore his eye open, then argued with the police that he had to get into the octagon and be with her because that’s his teammate.

“[The police] pulled him out, took him outside and calmed him down in the back and I went back and talked to him for a minute and we’re all good. “

A person in Chiesa’s camp who wanted to remain anonymous confirmed the incident to MMA Fighting without giving any further details. A request for comment from the Las Vegas Police Department was not immediately returned.

In a video taped by UFC broadcast partner ESPN after Pena’s massive angry win over the former champion Amanda nunes, Chiesa hops over the barrier that separates the first row of the audience from the area just outside the octagon. Several UFC fighters including Pena’s longtime teammate, former champion Miesha Tate, you can see how they absorb the unexpected result.

Chiesa and Pena have been training partners at Sikjitsu in Spokane, Washington for many years. They were both supposed to fight at UFC 269, but Pena’s scheduled fight with Nunes was canceled when Nunes contracted COVID-19. She took part anyway and supported Chiesa, which was submitted by Vicente Luque in a main card battle.

Chiesa has defended Pena and his team several times, including a serious training injury she sustained at the gym and an arrest after a bar brawl.


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