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Juventus cannot find continuity this season. New attack on Massimiliano Allegri after the draw with Venice

The warning that something was wrong came to the house earlier this year Juventus. The defeat, allo Stadium, against thatEmpoli to make it 0-1, while Cristiano Ronaldo was sitting comfortably (and thoughtfully) on the bench, he immediately made it clear that even the season at the hour that had just started was a transaction.


Despite, however, in almost all experiences of Massimiliano Allegri is beginning was always a bit uphill from the others. But now, two days before the end of the first half of the season, the Bianconeri have little reason to be happy, maybe just first place in a not too difficult Champions League group, that’s it. For example yesterday at the final whistle against Venice, equalized by the hosts with a goal from outside the box by Mattia Aramuwhat could previously only be a hypothesis has become a certainty. The team has some gaps that are evident and potentially difficult to fill in during the current championship. We don’t want the January transfer market.

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Juventus Turin, another flop against Venice: criticism of Allegri

Allegri © LaPresse

Yes, the coach who led them to the cup final twice knows that too, the coach who was never questioned. He remembered the analysis after the game well Fabio Ravezzani‘Allegri is always very clear: he explains carefully what happened. It doesn’t take a genius (maybe), but, as the journalist always says, a solution is needed.

Ravezzani explains clearly on his Twitter profile: “Allegri turns out to be perfect in the analysis after the game (2 out of 15 points against affordable teams are unacceptable). But we can do that too. Solutions are expected from him, no knowledge “. And then it’s not like that. Especially when Juventus took home two instead of five points on paper in five games against affordable teams, that’s the full booty. Little, maybe very little, considering how Inter, Milan, Naples and even Atalanta travel. The train has now passed for the Scudetto (except for football miracles), but at least for them Meister the old lady remains on the run. And if it wasn’t like that, other than year zero, we should talk about it Horror Dose.


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