Deny reports of theft victims, Propam police investigate – archyde

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

A member police after the rejection of reports from residents who were victims of the action, examined by the Occupation and Safety Department (Propam) theft.

The resident, who was turned down for his report, also shared his story on his social media account @kumalameta.

In the story, he admitted being a victim of theft after making transactions in an account in a mini-market on Jalan Sunan Sedayu, east Jakarta.

After that, the victim drove the vehicle. However, his vehicle was bumped into several times by people. The victim ignored him and moved on.

Until the victim finally stopped in front of PT JMT, Jalan Jatinegara, to calm down. At this point the thief took action and took the victim’s bag with him.

The victim then reported the theft to the nearest police station. Instead, the officer advised the victim to go home and calm down.

“I immediately reported to the nearest police station in Rawamangun, but when I was questioned by the police he suggested that I go home to calm down and there is no point looking for it. After that, the police actually scolded me. ” “What are you doing with an ATM anyway? much, when it does, it becomes a chore, especially when there are also many administrative fee cuts “in a high voice,” the statement on the @kumalameta account said.


On the matter, Metro Polda Public Relations Director Jaya Kombes E Zulpan said the member has now been withdrawn to the East Jakarta Metro Police.

“The member concerned was withdrawn to the East Jakarta police,” said Zulpan at the confirmation on Sunday (December 12th).

Separately, Kombes Erwin Kurniawan, the East Jakarta Metro police chief, said the member is currently under investigation by Propam.

“The member will be investigated by Propam and taken to the resort police to facilitate the investigation,” said Erwin.

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